You probably might have heard this a lot, but website speed is critical to your overall sales conversion. Remember, your website is not a luxury. It is a sales conversion machine. Below is a summary of five things that slow down your website.

Large image size, gifs, and Videos

Images, gifs, and videos are integral components of websites these days, but they could be disastrous if not used efficiently. Avoid using large size images, gifs, and videos (self-hosted) at all costs.

Poor Server

One of the first things we advise our clients on is server quality. Building a sales conversion website or business-oriented website on a poor server is catastrophic. Apart from limited bandwidth, there are limited server resources and assets to accommodate the functionalities of the website.

Poorly written Code

It includes unminified CSS and javaScript, invalid use of HTML and CSS, nonuse of browser caching, too many HTTP requests, bad scripts, etcetera. You probably might not get to understand this side of your website. You might need to work with a reputable company or professional that checks all these boxes.

Too many third-party integrations like plugins, and modules

These days most websites are built on CMS and hosted platforms. As a result, integrating certain functionalities (cost-effectively) would require the use of plugins and modules. For custom-built sites, it could be APIs.
Avoid using too many and poorly built modules, plugins, and APIs.

Uncompressed or Unzipped assets

When a user visits your website, it prompts the server to deliver the webpage, which has associated files. The bigger the files associated with your webpage, the slower it loads. Use Gzip, which can be found in most server panels, to compress all the web files on the server. The use of Gzip should be one of the first things you do after building or designing your websites.

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