Category: Video, Branding

Date: 1 April, 2018

Client: AHAThat

VP: Ajaelo Ifeayi

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Project Brief:

Building a strong customer relationship should be at the top of the Value-pyramid in every company.
Let me tell you a story about this project and how it was born.
We were already in charge of videos for AhaThat before I had a call with their CEO, Mitchell Levy.  AhaThat is a platform based in Cupertino that helps busy professionals write and author Best-Selling books in less than three months. It takes them less than 48 hours on a video call to pull the genius out of your head to get your book ready. 
One of our customer service treats is doing two monthly video calls at least twice a month. The purpose of these videos is to review the jobs we’ve done for the previous month, talk about new strategies, give recommendations, and suggestions. During one of our video calls, I told him about the idea of converting the best testimonials videos they had into a single testimonial video. The new testimonial video would be a good marketing video and also provide enough social proof for their company.
Mitchell is a great thought leader, so he knows a good idea when he hears it. The next day he asked his team to send me everything I need to get the job done. And that is how we made this. Like most good projects, this wasn’t an exemption. There were mistakes, corrections, and reviews. But at the end of the day, we had a finished product like this, made mainly from video recordings captured from PC cameras.
As I grow as a person and progress with Virtuallypros, the more I understand that Customer satisfaction is tied to the relationship a customer has with a Company. I believe that for us to satisfy our customers, we need to have a good relationship with them.
While other companies believe that a good relationship starts the first day a prospective customer buys their product or services, we know a good relationship starts the first day a prospective customer hears our name.
That is what we do here at Virtuallypros. It’s not just about the paycheque. We sincerely care about your business. 
BTW If you want to speak with Mitchell, here is a link to book a 30-minute free strategy session.
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