Category: Web development, E-commerce, UX/UI, Logo

Date: 25 June, 2018

Client: Babysteps

VP: Charles Njoku

Project Brief:

Babies are beautiful, and almost everyone desires them. But it’s not just enough to have kids, parents need to carter for them until adulthood. One of the hiccups in childcare is choosing the right items of clothing for them, especially shoes. As a result of the attention paid to adult shoes, most available shoes are for adults. So it’s difficult to find the best shoes that fit a baby.

The goal of this project is to solve this pain point by providing a unique e-commerce store for varieties of babies’ shoes including custom-made shoes. To make this project outstanding, we integrated this story into the UI/UX design.

We are sure there are lots of amazingly cute babies that are born or conceived to be born every day. We would love them to get all the beautiful gifts and always bring happiness to their families and loved ones.

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